The market has shifted to a buyer’s market, and the panic induced by scarce inventory at the beginning of the year has evaporated around May. Buyers no longer rush their decisions since they don’t have to compete anymore against multiple offers. Now, the sellers have to make an effort to find an interested buyer. But what sells your home in today’s market? The buyer’s market is mostly comprised of millennials nowadays, and they surely have different objectives than their parents did when looking for a home. They live faster, and everything has to be in line with their busy lifestyle, including their home. So, what are the essential factors a home must have to attract such buyers?

Practical and low-maintenance homes
The world has shifted, and today’s home buyers cherish practicality over appearances.  Make sure to have furniture that is compact, easy to move, comfortable, and yet modern. The massive furniture that the baby boomers adored is long gone and would only be a burden to today’s generations.  Open space also ranks highly when it comes to home appeal.

Kitchen and bath
Kitchens with smart storage solutions are a real hit. It makes the kitchen look bigger, fresh and clutter-free. Therefore, an adjacent pantry to the kitchen for storing items will probably earn you extra credit at house showings. Sellers cannot go wrong with stainless steel appliances as they make a great impression with their impeccable and shiny look.

When it comes to the bath, some buyers may prefer a shower, others a bathtub, but the latest trend is the famous walk-in shower. It’s very convenient and gives a modern touch to the bathroom. If you can’t afford to remodel your bathroom entirely, you should make sure that the sanitary ware is updated and functional. In today’s market, buyers prefer to buy a ready-to-move-in home that requires little to no repairs.

Technology and the internet
Internet and technological devices became an essential part of life. Chances are big that you will be asked about mobile signal strength and internet speed, internet providers, etc. Even if you can’t directly influence such things, you should be able to answer these questions. Also, if you have a great TV that comes with the house, interested buyers will be very impressed. Your home should have enough outlets in every room, e.g., close to the bed, sofa, nightstand, table, etc., given that people are automatically concerned with how practical it will be to charge their phones.
 A home office
Since the new age of the internet opened up a niche of new jobs that can be performed from the comfort of the home, it would not be bad to convert one room into an office. Many people nowadays work full-time from home which means that a home office is often a requirement.
Location is one of the things that always mattered and always will, especially today. Life became pretty expensive, and people started to calculate how much they have to travel to work or downtown and how much money they throw away on gas each month. In addition, rush hours are also a plague of the modern age that many people try to avoid, so they look for a home relatively close to work.