Selling a house is not just putting the “For Sale” sign up in your front yard and spreading the word and waiting for a potential buyer to come along. It requires more to get the transaction properly over the table, and when we say properly, we mean to your and the counterparty’s satisfaction. Here is a list of tips and tricks that can help you attract more buyers and sell your house in record time, sometimes even at a higher price than initially planned.  

An agent who knows what s/he is doing
The first thing to do is to hire an agent who has plenty of experience, great contacts in the community, outstanding negotiation skills and knows how the business works.  Do not underestimate the relevance of an agent in a transaction as they are professionals who most certainly can work out the best deal for you. Not only will you get better offers, but you will also be spared of the tedious administrative part that comes with every sales transaction.
Quick repairs and fixes, but do not overdo it
You should make some minor repairs around the house in order to leave a good impression on potential buyers. Repaint the walls (preferably, use neutral tones like eggshell or white), repair water leaks and loose doorknobs, clean the carpets, drapes, couch, etc. This will add a fresh touch to your house, but make sure not to get too enthusiastic about it spending loads of money on repairs which will not pay off after the sale.
Create the impression of a spacious home
No matter how big and spacious your home is, too many items lying around will make it look smaller. A cramped space is definitely one of the worst things and an absolute no-go to present to potential buyers. Get rid of unnecessary things and rearrange your furniture to make the rooms look bigger. In that way, you will also reduce the odds of bumping into furniture during house showings or knocking stuff over by accident. The same goes for closets; they need to look organized and neat. Make sure to declutter them as well.
Pep up your backyard
You would not believe how much of an impact a neat backyard can make, and the best part is that the tweaks do not require a lot of money. Many hesitant potential buyers become buyers if they fall in love with the outdoor space. In order to pep it up, first, remove any debris and fertilize the grass. Plants and flowers are always a huge plus, so if you do not have any, go out and buy some. The seating area should trigger buyers to instantly see themselves drinking coffee, reading a book or having friends over in that corner. This means that you need to provide comfortable furniture, and maybe add cushions, candles, flowers, etc. to create a true little oasis. Unwanted objects that ruin the ambiance have to go (dog’s house, children’s toys, etc.), but you can build a koi pond, water garden or set up a swing instead for an even better impression.
Defining the right price
There was a time when home sellers who lowered the price by 10% to 20% (after they calculate the actual home’s worth) had buyers standing in line and bidding the price up far over the home’s worth. Nevertheless, the market has shifted and downgrading the price by 10-20% no longer works in today’s market, but hopefully, it will pick up soon. Sit with your agent to define the asking price by closely examining similar homes in your neighborhood that were recently sold (e.g., compare their asking price to the sales price). In that way, you will be able to estimate a realistic price.