Prepare your property

Make your property attractive for potential buyers

Here, you will have to make everything possible to attract potential buyers. This may include complete cleaning of your house and all adjacent territories. Looking at your property the potential buyer must like what he sees.

Make your property desirable to buy

The level of your property preparation is the key point in fixing and agreeing on the final selling price. If you want a quick sale doing nothing to make your house more attractive would lower the price and visa versa.
Now again you will have to try on the buyer’s skin. Try to look at your property with their eyes. You have to find out the positive points and the drawbacks of your house. Transform all drawbacks into advantages. You should understand when you see a neat and clean house would leave more positive feedback on your house. You can also ask your friends to come and to comment on your property and ask them what they would change in your home to make it more attractive personally for them.
You should also bear in mind that not only the house itself needs a clean and neat look but also the exterior including the back and front yards that should appeal to the potential customers and make them wish to come in and see the house. And finally make them buy it. Below you will find the list of possible improvements that you can perform in your house and adjacent land lot even without calling for professionals and spending additional money.


The interior

All afore-named actions help make you home buyable but they cannot increase the selling price.
You may contact a building inspector who can evaluate your property and specify the repairs it needs.
Besides the evaluation report made by the inspector will determine the real status of your building: We advise you to find an inspector who is a member of a professional organization. This professional organization or association should have the insurance against errors and omissions. During the inspector’s evaluation of your property you may ask him all questions you need what would help your house look more attractive and professional for purchase.