Market your property

Advertise your property as much as you can

After a thorough cleaning and repair works you house is prepared for the next stage – advertizing. At this stage the potential buyers must find out about your house. You should market your property.

Install Sign “For Sale”

This sign is the principal and basic important thing you should do to start advertising the house. Our specialist will come to you to make photos of your house and to fix the sign in front of your house.

Use Mass Media

When you decided to sell your house you should let know as many people as possible. To get best results targeted advertising is to be used. You should place the photos and details of your property at real estate websites or local newspapers. In your ads you should specify all positive features of your property; you should place the best photos and great convincing description. Besides you should also know that the most active selling period of property is when it appears at the market. This means that after you place your ad you will receive the major part of phone calls and e-mails from potential buyers with intention to see the property.


Presently Internet has become a very important part in real estate. So all persons be it a potential buyer or just a future buyer or real estate agent or broker use Internet to make search for selling properties in any area. According to the real estate website statistics these sites are mostly visited by buyers and not sellers. Our website will give you the possibility to use the following advantages:

Local Newspapers and Magazines

Many local newspapers and magazines have specialized fields as “Houses for Sale”. You can also use these marketing methods to advertise your home. Though there are disadvantages of newspaper and magazine placement as you should give general short information, there’s no possibility to give details and photos. Thus you have to make your ad catch the reader’s eye. You should use a specific verbal stylistics, it is advisable to use short bright phrases or slogans. Give only advantages of your property. Here works the same rule as with the website placement. More attention is given to a newly placed ad, if you repeat the same ad for several times it may become ignored and left without any attention.

Use Word of Mouth

You should tell to as many people as you can that you are selling a house. This could include your family members, friends, relatives, work colleagues, any other different acquaintances.

Necessary documents

When selling your property you will be asked a plentiful of questions. Thus prepare all documents related to your property to be on hand when you need them. Also you will have to order some specific documents or reports to be made and issued in advance.

Arrange Open Houses

This is a very important method to increase the possibility to see your house by a vast number of potential buyers. Prepare the special signs “OPEN HOUSE” and fix it at the nearest intersections, in your yard, etc. You should also give this information when placing your ad at our or any other websites, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Be prepared to answer Phone Calls

When advertising your property you should necessarily specify your correct home phone number, your cell phone. You can also give your work number and do not forget to indicate the hours available for calls on that number. When you are not able to answer the incoming call, be sure the call is forwarded to a voicemail. The person calling should be able to leave a message. Who knows maybe this is the real buyer of your house. It is advisable to make a list or a copy of the advertisement and to have it at hand when a potential buyer calls you. When talking to a person do not forget to ask his/her name and phone number. Be polite and patient. You can also prepare for the telephone call and have some phrases ready. Besides, we recommend you to ask the interested persons how they heard about you to find out which way of advertising is the most efficient. If you agreed to call back at the appointed time, be punctual and exact.

Appointments to see the house

After you agreed on the phone on the appointment to see your house, prepare it for the visit:

At the appointment

You should greet visitors, be polite and nice to them. Offer them to answer all questions related to your property. Leave them to see the house by themselves. Try to be a psychologist and listen to them what they are really interested in. Provide more positive details though be realistic about the drawbacks of your house. Do not hurry them up. After they saw your house ask them on their impression, what they think about your house, ask if they need any explanations or answer their questions. Tip: in case your house does not meet their requirements they shall just thank and leave. Do not be frustrated or disappointed, there are many other potential buyers who will come and see your property. In case you see that they really like and are interested in your home you can ask about that directly. Convince them to buy your house.

After the visit

During the visit when you feel that this is a potential buyer do not forget to take his/her name and phone numbers. In a few days after the appointment you may call him/her back and ask what he/she decided on your house. You can also ask him/her what they liked and disliked about your house. The comments of real buyers will also contribute to further improvement of your home and make it buyable. Be prepared morally to hear dozens of No, in any case in some time you will hear your YES.