How our service works

Our services

Our company shall provide you with all necessary means and the professional advice so that you could help to sell your property as quick as possible.
Below you will find the main steps how to sell your property.
They are the following:

Place your property at our website

There is a fixed fee for the services we offer.
After you register in our system, you can upload photos, description, price, details, etc. If you are unable to make high-quality, high-definition photos just notify us and we shall send you a specialist to take good pictures and fix the FOR SALE sign. Then you will be assigned a professional advisor who shall take care of the whole selling process. We shall provide you all information you need, we shall explain how you can use our system, and the ways you can advertise your property at the real estate market. Please allow us a few business days to place your advertisement in our system.

The Sale process

After your property appeared in our system you shall receive constant support of our professionals to help you sell your house. We shall also give you complete access to our experience and practices to assist you in formation of fair price; we shall guide you through the process to prepare your house for sale, to find the right buyer and to make a deal. In case if some legal issue appears please feel free to contact us and we shall refer you to a reliable and experiences lawyer who would consult you on any matter you will need.
After your property is placed in our system it shall be viewed by many potential buyers. Our website is visited by three million people every month.