Offer to purchase document

Offer Document

After you have found the home of your dreams and finally decided to buy it, you should think how to make the Offer. Below you will find some general recommendations on Offer drawing up. If you want to make an Offer with us we can offer you all the required documents. Also we shall support you during the house overview and support to close the purchase. You can contact us any time on any issue that worries you. We shall be happy to assist you in any matter.

1. Contact the agent or property owner and make an appointment to see the property

When you are viewing your potential future home be free to ask as many questions as you can and very attentively examine the property. During the review you can also negotiate the asking price, move-in date and other relevant conditions with the owner. It is advisable to show all documents you shall sign to your real estate lawyer. Thus, before you make your first offer you should consult with the lawyer. Also you will have to find out the following data of the potential Seller: name as it appears in his official documents, address of the property, name of Seller’s lawyer or agent and all items included and excluded along with the purchase price, all other relevant conditions, move-in date.

2. After the Offer is sent to the Seller, there are three outcomes:

3. Offer Document shall include the following

4. Specific sale conditions:

Specific conditions on financing. This means that you have a specific period of time to get the mortgage. Usually this period lasts one week. One week is enough to get a mortgage from your financial institution. If you were not able to get an approval for mortgage within the aforementioned timeframe the signed contract shall deem void and the property returns on the market. If you managed to get financing in time, you should send the removal document to the Seller. Specific conditions on home inspection. This means that you have a specific period of time to arrange the home inspector come and evaluate the home. One week is enough time to find a home inspector and to have a home inspected. You should always bear in mind that any home cannot ''fail'' a home inspection – it is just an opinion expressed by a building expert on the state of the building itself. The inspector will inform you about all problems or probable problems he had determined during his inspection.

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